Technology development that changes the life style of the people

Technology is an art and skill that is a collection of techniques, methods, and process combined together in the production of service. Technology is a result of science and engineering that improves the growth of technology in a wide range. Millions of years ago human uses stone tools but now the technology was improved and everyone is using different tools. Technology development changed the lifestyle of the people when compared to the ancient days.During those days people do all the work by themselves and now it is totally changes because of technology development.

Technology is use in each and every action of human beings and provides a great impact on all the fields like education, medical, agriculture and all the other fields. Development of technology main reduces the human work and makes very work to be done easily.As everyone knows that technology development changes the lifestyle of the people. Most of the works are done through a machine that reduces the human work and the innovation of machines comes under the technology development which helps the people to work faster than before. Technology plays a main role in all the developments and it innovates many new things to the people.

Few technologies you need to know

Everyone is living in the mechanical world and you still need to know many innovative things. The internet and a personal computer become more famous because of the technology development. Here are few things you need to know that are:


  • Bits and bytes- a bit is a parallel digit which is the smallest unit of memory and an 8 bits combination is considered as 1 byte.
  • Booting- booting is a process of computer system initialization and the significance of stacking.
  • Broadband- it is a correspondence innovation that conveys things like pictures, sound, video, content, and more.
  • Program- a program is a process that allows a client to surf the web. The program is same as the Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Internet Explorer.
  • CAD- CAD is a computer aided design that allows a client to create 2D and 3D displays. It is normally used by the specialist, craftsmen, modelers, and some other experts.
  • Cybercrime- the fraud activity that is done in the personal computer like spreading the information and system interruptions.
  • Email- it is an electronic mail that helps to send and receive information and files through email. The electronic mails available on the internet are Gmail, Yahoo, Rediff and some other emails.
  • Firewall- it is a program that is used to shield the personal computer framework from the web system.
  • GIF- it is a graphical interchange format that is used to pack the documents.
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