We have been come across many document converters in online. The new type of software called DocShifter is specially designed to offer an integrated server transformation platform which converts any type of digital documents or the data source to any other file format. This is the comprehensive form of Document Compliance software solution. This software is not at all limited to videos, images, PDF files, and some other data which may need some transformation.

In addition to all these compliance monitoring, this software has many additional features on board like format identification, content compression, html 5 form validation, digital sealing, long term data storage, audio to text conversion, high-fidelity conversion, and many more. The platforms are very well suited for the large number of servers and clients source systems. And this software alone acts as a multipurpose conversion platform to all your needs.

Following things are some additional possibilities and the functionalities of DocShifter:

  • Native PDF support
  • High availability and load balancing
  • Extensible architecture
  • Multi target, multi source
  • Cloud enabled
  • Administration console
  • Today’s technology

Native PDF support: This generates the PDF version files that preserve the look and the feel of an original document. And also the PDF documents can be easily converted PDF/A, and some other PDF with high security settings. This platform can be adapted to some specific requirements of PDF security, print control, PDF watermark, and the PDF copy protection.

Load Balancing & High Availability: It has high performance and the flexible architecture, make sure that the high availability for some mission critical applications. To manage the peak loads during uploading and to enhance the processing speed, more number of this software can be added. Some highlights are it is fast and scalable application, eliminates downtime, and optimizing services.

Extensible Architecture: This has the wide range of modules in which the standard functionalities can also be expanded. The customized modules can also be added and developed to meet the specific user needs.

Multi target, Multi source: Documents from many sources are transmitted and recorded to the series of many targeted systems with the appropriate conversation.

Cloud Enabled: While the files have been localized in the cloud through the services like file server or the Drop box in a cloud, then this software will check, convert, and then store the files again in the cloud. By having cloud in the mind, this software has been developed in such manner that it is very easy to use the HRML5 web interface and the brief server demands.

Administration console: The management of the configurations and modules are centralized with the management console based upon HTML5. Thus the conversations and the workflows can be building up graphically and the personal DocShifter can also be managed from each HTML5 compatible apparatus.

Today’s technology: This software has been constructed with some modern technologies such as REST API, HTML5 and some advanced server side conversation technologies based upon JVA script. So, immediately start using this software and get benefited.


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