Owing Smartphone like an iPhone in these days can be fun and made more interesting with some latest technology of the mobile spyware. This is an application in which this can be downloaded freely through online into their cellular devices that can be used for surveillance activities. Now you may have an access to all types of data and information which are stored in the mobile devices using mobile tracking program. Ina addition to that, you can also enjoy more features from the iPhone spy applications which allow you to have the better security and control against the unauthorized use of the cellular devices and playing like spy without other knowing this. Following are some interesting iphone spy apps which the iPhone users can enjoy that come along with the mobile spyware.

Collecting personal information for your contacts

The spyware has an ability to help you by collecting some personal information of a person in the contact list. The application will search in web for any available information about a person in your contact list like their age, contact number, and an address. You can also get information of a person who is not even on the address book by typing the name of a person you need to search. This application is also comes in handy while you receive call from someone who is not at all in the address book. Just key in the number which is used by the unidentified caller and this app will search for more details on web.

Security Camera on your iPhone

This is the iPhone spy application which allows you to enjoy on taking pictures and videos without other knowing that. The programs like security scam application work in way that this can detect the voice of the person you want to spy on. The mobile devices can start taking the pictures of the person discreetly. This comes with an option of setting an interval of time for snapping pictures and you can also customize it with the time stamp.

The interesting feature if the spy application is that this can take video on the spying mode while showing on the screen the web page or the black screen in which the spy camera is running in the phone.

Night recording

Do you wonder what is actually happening while you are asleep? At that time you can use this iPhone spy application to record activities or the sound during night when your phone is on standby mode. The application is very sensitive to sound and this starts recording the moment it sense the sound and it stops recording while the sound cease. You can also leave your phone anywhere and the application will start spying in your surrounding while you turn it on.

This is very fun to use these spy apps, but it is very important to use it responsibly making sure which you do not violate the rights to privacy of others.

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